How Long Does Kitchen Respray Last?

Introduction Contemplating a kitchen makeover?  Breathing new life into your existing units with a respray is a compelling option. It’s cost-effective, quicker than a full refit, and offers a stunning transformation.  Is a Kitchen Respray Worth It? Absolutely! Kitchen respraying offers a wealth of benefits: How Much Does It Cost to Respray a Kitchen? The […]

Can You Put New Doors on an Old Kitchen?

Introduction Dreaming of a brand new kitchen but on a tight budget? Don’t despair! Replacing your old kitchen cabinet doors can be a fantastic way to achieve a dramatic transformation for a fraction of the cost of a full renovation. But is it the right option for you? Let’s delve into the world of revamping […]

How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Introduction Renovating your kitchen can be an exciting yet daunting prospect. It’s the heart of the home, where families gather and memories are made. However, before embarking on this journey, one crucial question looms: How much does a kitchen renovation cost? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the average costs, the differences between renovation […]

How long does it take to fit a kitchen?

Introduction So, you’ve meticulously planned your dream kitchen – sleek worktops, stylish cabinets, and a layout designed to inspire culinary masterpieces. But amidst the excitement, an important question arises: how long does it take to fit a new kitchen? Understand the timeline: The time it takes to fit a kitchen in the UK can vary […]

How much is it to replace kitchen doors?

replacement kitchen doors

Introduction The heart of the home, the stage for culinary creations, and the battleground against stubborn grease stains – it’s your kitchen. But over time, even the most loved kitchens can start to show their age. Worn-out cabinet doors can become an eyesore, impacting the overall aesthetics and functionality of your space. So, if you’re […]

How much is it to renovate a small kitchen in the UK?

how much to renovate a small kitchen uk

Introduction Ah, the small kitchen: a charming space with big potential. But when it comes to renovations, those charming nooks and crannies can raise a big question – how much does it cost to renovate a small kitchen in the UK? Fear not, homeowners! While a kitchen refurbishment can seem daunting, navigating the costs needn’t […]

What is the best varnish for kitchen worktops?

Introduction The bustling heart of your home, the stage for cooking and the battleground against splatters – it’s your kitchen worktop. In the UK’s kitchens, the constant hustle can leave even the most resilient surfaces looking battle scarred. So, when it comes to protecting your countertop, the question burns: what’s the best varnish or finish […]

Wardrobe Ventilation

Introduction The built-in wardrobe: a stylish space-saver cradling your treasured garments. But lurking within this haven of shirts and sweaters can be a silent enemy – mould. In the UK’s notoriously damp climate, poor ventilation can turn your dream wardrobe into a mouldy nightmare, leaving clothes smelling musty and walls sporting unsightly patches. Fear not, […]

How to hide boiler in kitchen

Boiler in a Kitchen

Introduction Ah, the kitchen. A haven for culinary creativity, aromatic delights, and…the not-so-charming boiler. This metal behemoth often dominates the landscape, its utilitarian presence clashing with our dreams of sleek, modern spaces. But fear not, fellow design warriors! We’re here to unveil clever tactics for hiding your boiler in the kitchen, transforming it from an […]

How to get greasy fingerprints off matt kitchen cabinets

Introduction Ah, the kitchen. A haven of culinary creativity, a gathering place for loved ones, and, let’s be honest, a battleground for greasy fingerprints. And in the realm of kitchen surfaces, none pose a greater challenge than matt kitchen cabinets.  Their sleek, contemporary aesthetic comes at a price: every smudge, every sticky paw print, stands […]

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