How to Choose Your Kitchen Respray Colour

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In each kitchen, the cabinets are often the main focal point of the room – which is why the colour of your cabinet doors need to be carefully considered. If your kitchen needs a makeover, a kitchen door respray is a fantastic way to make a big impact on the look of your home, for a cost-effective price. With 1000s of colour options available within our kitchen respray services in Northampton, Wellingborough and Kettering, choosing the right colour to complement your space can be tricky. Here, we’ve made a handy guide to help you to select the best colour for your kitchen respray:

The Size of Your Kitchen

One of the key things to consider before narrowing down your choice of colours is how large your space is. For those with a kitchen on the smaller side, a white, pale grey, or similarly light colour can help to open your space up and reflect light. Alternatively, if you have an expansive kitchen, going bold with a vibrant colour such as blue, green or even orange can help to bring your space to life.

Your Existing Kitchen Appliances

With every kitchen respray, some thought should be paid to your existing kitchen products. Your new kitchen door colour scheme should aim to complement aspects such as worktops, tiles, and flooring, as well as appliances including ovens, stoves, and dishwashers. Should you require your work surfaces to be replaced at the same time as your kitchen respray, we have a large range of kitchen upgrade products that our kitchen fitters can include in your renovation.

Natural and Artificial Lighting

Both natural and artificial lighting can make vast difference to the feel of your kitchen. For rooms with ample natural daylight that are south facing, a bright kitchen respray will emphasise this and make the room feel bigger. On the other hand, darker colours paired with well-placed artificial lighting can create a cosy feel to your kitchen, making dark blues and green the ideal respray colour to go for.

Begin Your Kitchen Respray

Whichever colour you opt for, all of our kitchen resprays at The Klever Kitchen Company in Northampton are completed with durable & environmentally friendly paints, to ensure that your new-look kitchen is built to withstand daily use. Contact our team of local professionals today on 01604 961216, or email us at [email protected].

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