A Striking Kitchen Transformation

Introduction: Mrs Skett’s journey with The Klever Kitchen Company began with a vision for a striking transformation. The goal was not just to remodel but to create a kitchen that seamlessly blended functionality with a contemporary aesthetic. Before Transformation: The existing kitchen, while functional, lacked the modern charm and cohesive design envisioned. It was ready […]

Dust Grey Gloss Handleless Kitchen

Before Transformation: The original kitchen, while functional, had become outdated and worn, reflecting its age. The need for a modern update was evident. After Transformation: The transformation left the customer ecstatic, as reflected in their glowing review. The kitchen now boasts an Alaska Dust Grey Gloss handleless design, bringing a contemporary and sleek aesthetic to […]

Graphite Kitchen Transformation

Introduction: Gill embarked on a journey with The Klever Kitchen Company, seeking not just a remodel but a transformation that would infuse her kitchen with modern elegance and practicality. Before Transformation: The kitchen, while functional, lacked the contemporary charm and stylish features. It was time for a makeover that would breathe new life into the […]

Fresh and Bright Palette To The Kitchen

Introduction: The Klever Kitchen Company was entrusted to transform their kitchen into a modern and cohesive space that perfectly suited their lifestyle. Before Transformation: The original kitchen, while functional, had lost its lustre. The layout and design no longer resonated with Mr & Mrs Turner’s vision for a contemporary and harmonious kitchen. Conclusion: From the […]

Satin Marine Blue Handleless Doors

Introduction: The project aimed to not only update the kitchen’s aesthetics but also enhance its functionality to better suit Mrs. Hern’s needs. Before Transformation: The kitchen, while functional, needed a burst of vibrancy and modernisation. The existing design no longer reflected Mrs. Hern’s taste and preferences. Mrs Hern’s kitchen is now a vibrant and functional […]

Light Grey Satin Handleless Kitchen

Meet Mr. Arun Nagarajan, a homeowner with a vision for a kitchen that blends modernity with functionality. The existing kitchen was outdated and in need of both a cosmetic refresh and a new layout. Before Transformation: The old kitchen had served its time and required a replacement, along with a desire for a new and […]

Shaker Handleless Doors

Reason for Remodel:  Meet Mrs Baroni, a homeowner seeking a kitchen refresh without the need for an entirely new installation. Before Transformation: The kitchen, while functional, wasn’t fitted well and needed a contemporary update. New components were required to breathe new life into the space while retaining the existing cabinets. The project successfully increased the […]

A Dazzling Sage Green Transformation

Reason for Remodel:  The homeowner envisioned a kitchen that mirrored their contemporary taste. They entrusted The Klever Kitchen Company for their expertise in crafting tailored, high-quality renovations. The result? A space that seamlessly marries functionality with an unmistakable sense of style. This project stands as a testament to the art of transformation, demonstrating how meticulous […]

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